Phase 3 kicking

Web Development

Phase 3 Kicking is designed to give athletes a platform for self-evaluation
that meshes with the competition needs of industry and collegiate football

Client brief

The client had a football coaching club. They wanted to get their players registered on the website so that the self-evaluation on the portal could rate players according to their expertise. This would let coaches who visit the website see players according to their level of expertise and skill set.






Web Development

The introduction

We wanted to create a portal that best reflects the Phase 3 kicking business model to keep things simple. We wanted to make sure that football players could be easily registered on the website by the owner. The website should have a sleek and modern feel at the same time and should have great UI/UX.

The problem

The Client wanted that his website should have camp results displayed, drag and drop features for each player, and filters on the website by which coaches can easily navigate the players according to expertise.

The website should feature camp results, drag and drop features, and the use of filters on the website.

We welcomed the challenge wholeheartedly.

The solution

It was clear from the beginning that our client wanted an impressive and feature-rich website. Our creative team started brainstorming, imagining what we could do together to make it happen.

A few weeks of hard work later, we settled onto a sleek design incorporating all necessary features for this particular project!


Countless hours working relentlessly on a project finally proved fruitful when the client appreciated us for our work.

The client was very focused on his project, which made our job of achieving the goals together a lot easier.

We created the whole website from scratch and ensured that all the features were added to the website. The landing pages were carefully crafted maintaining the site’s overall theme.

The results

The website had all the features added to it and looked excellent ensuring a great user experience.

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