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Investment apps have become increasingly popular in recent years. While these apps allow anyone to gain access to and understand the stock market, these are also a cost-effective and accessible option for beginners to begin developing their money. According to a study, fresh investors are more motivated to utilize financial apps to help them make intelligent decisions. Investing might be scary for new individuals. However, most people understand that this is an excellent strategy to save money for the future. Consider downloading and using micro-investment software instead of hiring a suit to invest your money for you.

Three Best Investment Apps For Beginners

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There is no better way to understand investment than downloading an app and learning the ropes from scratch. While online stores are full of so many great online investment apps available for beginners that it gets challenging to choose. However, one has to start somewhere; that’s why insiders recommend looking for features such as the app info, which describes the app in detail, user reviews, and then personal sessions. Beginners should always select an investment app that helps them understand the idea behind investing clearly and lucidly. Based on suggestions, we decided some of the best investment apps that you can easily use to understand the art and science of financial investment:


Stash is one of the top investing apps that will be your next go-to app if you want a shortcut to learning investment without getting bored by the nitty-gritty of this severe financial activity. It presents investment in a delicate balance, juggling educational subject matter with fun games, making it easier to understand the topic of investments. This highly interactive investing app for beginners is a fantastic tool as new users learn about the basics in a user-friendly interface without worrying about wasting their money.
What makes Stash stand out from other online investment apps is that it requires a bare minimum of $5 investment. What’s more, unlike other micro-investing apps, the monthly fee ranges from $1 to $9, which can easily be managed per month. The user is offered free educational support and can invest in stocks and ETFs. What’s even better, if you ghost the app, you won't have to pay a fee for your inactivity.


This is a terrific app to start with if you're new to stocks and bonds, especially since real-time data is used to allow new users to trade at any time and from any location. Bonds, mutual funds, and ETFs are also available through this top investing app. While there is no minimum investment and no further downloads required to access this free investing app, there are several reasons why this app stands out. One, there are no costs on qualified stock and option trades.
However, depending on the type of investment, there may be certain transaction costs. There’s a calculator available for pricing options. Moreover, the user has full support, which is available by chat, email, and even by calling. The user can also access this app via its web-based version, which is also easily accessible online, making it a favourite among beginners, who are looking for fast ways to understand the investment.


One of the top investing apps that are considered best for beginners is Invstr. This free investment app is not well-recognized for its fantasy game-play, which allows users to learn more about companies by playing with $1 million fictitious money. This app is also considered to be an excellent alternative for anyone who wants to acquire practice managing a financial portfolio before diving into this alien domain.
The micro-investing app also offers an active investor community and news feed, which is constantly updated, helping users learn more about portfolio management. So if you are looking for successful gameplay, this is your thing. Not only are specialized educational tools available for new users, but it also presents the concept behind investing via interactive games that demonstrate the simulation of portfolio management, where real money awards are awarded.

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If You Are Not Into Mobile Apps, Why Not Play The Digital Investment Game?

Millennials are all about engaging in various investing games to refine and master basic strategies of investment management. Before the rise and popularity of web-based and mobile applications, the old school method was through the pen, paper, and a calculator. Now we have the option of understanding a technical field like the trading market through the commodity of digital money and virtual marketplace. These investment games are an excellent approach towards learning something so serious and non-forgiving such as trading.
A daunting area of expertise, it is a risk when you have to put your hard-earned money in areas that you are not sure of. And yet the only way to understand the art and science of investing is by investing. While the virtual world has digitized many domains, most investment games solely focus on stock trading. These stock market games mostly teach beginners how to trade stocks for swift profits while investing in itself is a slow process.
Most beginners do become intimidated by this domain. That’s why to become confident and successful. Beginners are encouraged to dabble in numerous virtual investment games so that they can pick up on tips and tricks that will help them to reach their true goals. After all, if one doesn’t invest time and understanding of the right tools, they cannot attain their targets.
For beginners, to gain a better understanding of investment, we chose one of the best virtual games that have also been a pioneer in the industry:

Build Your STAX

This is a fantastic investment game that effectively compresses 20 years of investing knowledge into a game that slowly builds the pace, eventually unlocking more advanced levels as the player moves forward. Interestingly, the player gets a chance to real-life experiences that can throw months of planning in the back. Whether you choose to play the game against the computer or as a group, this is a web-based game that can easily be accessed on your computer.
And that's it, folks! Whether you choose an app or a game, both will give the user a basic understanding of the world of investment.

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